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As a Flex-job Apprenticeship Agency we offer a unique alternative to help address staffing & recruitment needs to make the hiring process as easy and simple as possible.

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BCTG Group is comprised of multiple establishments contributing to the same mission: Consistently deliver excellence and measurable value by being an agile, responsive ‘One Stop Shop’ for individuals, employers, and stakeholders.

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    “The Apprenticeship Works handle all the advertising, CV vetting and first interview for me. It means that the right people are sent to us. When we take someone on The Apprenticeship Works is there to provide on-going support, dealing with wages, holidays and any personal issues that can arise, after all we are working with young people who can find the transition from school to employment daunting.”

    Carwood’s general manager Anthony James

    Over the period we have worked with the apprenticeship works we have successfully trained Apprentices in Business Admin and Customer Services. After successful completion of the qualifications/training the Apprentices have gained permanent full-time employment with us. I cannot recommend Apprenticeship works enough to give young people the opportunity to learn in a stable working environment with a view to future employment.

    The staff at Apprenticeship works are approachable and willing to offer any support requested. Therefore we have enjoyed a happy business relationship for the last 7 years.

    Shepherds Solicitors


    “Working with The Apprenticeship Works is a collaboration,” says Anthony, “we are both here to make sure the right young people get the right apprenticeship for the benefit of the business and for the right start in their working life. It is about managing the transition from school to employment with training bolted on.”

    Carwood’s general manager Anthony James

    Voestalpine Apprentices Edit