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Tom Williams Voestalpine 18.05.23

“I found doing an apprenticeship was very beneficial because as well as gaining the qualifications and getting paid for it, I also developed many transferrable skills such as communication, teamwork as well as picking up work related systems such as SAP and Excel. The development of these skills has allowed me to mentor other apprentices as well as take on a wider variety of tasks.

I found everyone that I work with both at the Apprenticeship Works and my line manager Simon, to be excellent. They have allowed me to push myself to the best of my ability whilst also being genuine and friendly people which means going to work is not something that I dread. The help to get through the last end-point assessment was also very good because it was quite a daunting task at first, but with the right support I was able to pass it at the first attempt.”

Tom, Customer Service L2, Voestalpine
Elise Bradford

“I know that if I need help, I can go to someone within The Apprenticeship Works or BCTG and feel comfortable in doing so. Everyone has made me feel so welcomed and it is a great atmosphere to work in!

I feel that I have settled into my role well and enjoyed learning about what my aims are to be completed over the course of my apprenticeship. I think an apprenticeship is a great experience that gives you the most while working and learning."

Elise, Business Administration L3, BCTG
Lewis Penn

“I would recommend an apprenticeship because you still get the education that you want but get the in- place experience also because college/ university is a lot different to getting the practical experience. A lot more is learnt when physically doing the thing.

My workload has increased over the duration of my apprenticeship, and I now have a lot of responsibilities as the person I used to work with has gone onto maternity. I have learnt how to operate around a new system as the system that we use is different to previous systems that I am used to using.

The Apprenticeship Works have helped me with any queries that I have had and keep in touch regularly."

Lewis, Improvement Technician L3, Voestalpine

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