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What is an Apprenticeship?

So, do you actually know how an Apprenticeship works? It’s ok to say no, not everyone is aware of the advantages and what you get out of it, so here goes!

Who can do one?

An apprenticeship is available to anyone over the age of 16, you do have to be available full time and not in education and you must be eligible to work in the UK.

What do I get paid?

As an Apprentice you are entitled to the National Apprentice Wage, if you are over 19 then after your first year you are then entitled to National Minimum Wage for your age group. However, not all employers start their apprentice off on the National minimum apprentice wage so its good to have a good look at what’s on offer and the prospects.

I’m confused about how I will train and work?

The general rule with an apprenticeship is that it is a paid job, you will be working hands on with an employer, learning the role whilst combining the theory element.  You will be given at least 20% of your normal working hours  each week to complete your learning and this can take place either at your work place, a training provider, college or online.  You will have a dedicated trainer and they will support you throughout your whole journey.

How long does an Apprenticeship last?

Apprenticeships generally last between 1 and 4 years, this is dependent on what type of course you are doing and the level. As all Apprenticeships are now Standards, there is a requirement for you to complete an End-point assessment (EPA) which tests the knowledge, skills and behaviours that you have gained during your training.  With sectors such as Construction the Flexi-job Apprenticeship model allows you to move between employers for the duration of your apprentieship if required. 

Am I entitled to get paid holiday and what if I’m off sick?

Yes, you will get at least 20 days paid holidays per year, plus bank holiday and have the same right to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) as regular employees.

Still not sure if it’s the right path for you?

Well have a look at these benefits of an Apprenticeship….

  • No learning costs, debt or student finance
  • Gain experience and skills that employers want
  • Earn a nationally recognised qualification
  • The chance to earn a competitive weekly apprentice wage
  • Receive all employee benefits
  • Gain independence and respect.
  • The opportunity to progress either through training or promotion
  • High Street discounts with your NUS Apprentice card!
  • It’s about YOU as an individual, your own learning pathway in a job!

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